As we now have a vaccine for the pandemic and a light seems to be at the end of the tunnel, business processes are still behind.

Manufacturing is one of the areas that is critically behind. Plywood, aluminum and steel are at shortage conditions and trailer dealers are faced with ever increasing prices. Workers are at a shortage as well and because of this, the lead times for completion of orders to dealers is higher than it has ever been. This pandemic has been a crazy time for all manufacturing, whether it be trailers, musical instruments, furniture and even necessary and essential items.

Any trailers that are ordered will take a minimum of 6-8 months turn around time. The last trailer ordered took 8 months. Please understand that because of the shortage of parts to assemble trailers the manufacturers are at the mercy of the companies making the raw components to put these units together.

Barnyard Trailers, LLC remains committed to providing the correct solutions for your trailering needs. Just please understand that the correct solution will take a lot longer to get if that solution doesn't exist on the lot already. Trailers that are ordered require 100% payment up front for the trailer. Once the trailer is finished we will get it and bring it back to our lot for you to pick up. Once a trailer is ordered, the trailer cannot be cancelled unless an extraordinary mixup has happened on the part of the manufacturer. No refunds will be given on special ordered trailers.

Notary and Licensing are always extra and the trailer must be licensed and inspected (if necessary) before it can leave the Barnyard Trailers LLC lot. This is Pennsylvania State Law.